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As I mentioned earlier, I’ve just had a couple of toes and part of my foot amputated after it got badly infected. While recovering I have been told to keep my legs elevated to maintain the best circulation possible and I also can’t put any weight on that foot for at least the next six weeks. So I’m pretty much bedridden for the duration.

Actually I’m not fully confined to my bed. During the day I move downstairs (sliding ignominiously down the stairs on my arse) and take up residence on the couch in the living room so I have easier access to food and the bathroom. It’s amazing how not having use of a leg changes your perspective on things!

Before coming home we had a contractor friend install some grab bars in the bathroom (Thanks Mike!) so that I could manage that side of life a little easier, but I could already forsee other problems, not least being how do I continue to work both on my writing and potentially my day job as IT project manager. To do those things I need to have reasonable access to my computer in a way that’s comfortable and flexible.

I looked at a number of overbed tables, but none of them looked very suitable for what I wanted (not to mention they were pretty ugly and reminded me far too much of my recent stay in hospital). Then I came across the Airdesk site. This company makes apparatus specifically designed to mount laptops and other computer hardware in a way that is flexible and attractive.

After perusing their site I sent in an order for the basic set-up plus a tall pole (recommended for people wanting to use multiple monitors, which I may) along with an extra keyboard shelf and the second monitor arm.

So today everything arrived. I had to wait until my wife got home as I couldn’t  really move anything around on my own, but with the help of the instructions we soon had everything set up and I am now happily typing this post using the Airdesk frame.

Everything is extremely positionable: I can set it to clear my legs completely (which was a problem with the lap tray), there`s a little shelf for a mouse or whatever you might want to put on it, and a sturdy base that easily slips under the couch. Perfect! I can add a little tilt to the keyboard to give me a better typing angle and it all swivels freely with fingertip pressure.

One slight thing to note. The accessory shelves are made from a transparent polycarbonate type material and very clear. This looks attractive but I found my optical mouse didn’t work on it at all. This can be remedied by leaving the protective shipping paper sheet on (or sticking it back on in my case!) or of course you could use a mouse mat.

I was a little skeptical when I ordered (I always am to be honest); it looked a little too good to be true but I`m pleased to be surprised at just how well it works. The company offers different options and alternatives for tablets and other devices, so if you`re looking for something in this line take a look. They may just have what you need


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