Writing Hard!

As I’m currently on an enforced break, I’m taking the opportunity to make progress on my writing and it’s been really exciting and satisfying to do that. I find myself working all hours morning till night and don’t feel any kind of stress doing it. I guess the old idea of doing what you love is true.

So far I’e listed two of my short stories for sale on Amazon and am finalizing a couple more that will be available in the near future. I’ve also edited several others in preparation for both critiquing and/or publication. And all of these stories need blurbs writing and covers, so that’s my job too!

These days it’s vital for writers to pay attention to social media. So I’ve created a Goodreads Author profile and started posting more on there and other reader sites. I’ve also updated my website, which I think looks really fantastic and slic, even if I do say so myself!

I’m also working on putting together a collection of short stories and editing my upcoming novel “mathematics of Eternity”!

Talk about busy! But I love it so much that I almost don’t miss beer! Almost…


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