WordPress blank media library problem

Yesterday, I discovered a very strange problem where my media library page was blank when trying to add an image to a post (WordPress 4.2.4). I did my usual searches online and also contacted my webhost to see if they had any idea, but nothing helped.

Some of the things I tried include:

  • Disabled all plugins
  • Changed template to default 2015
  • Reinstalled wordpress
  • Added a code change to wp-config
  • 3 different browsers
  • 2 different locations (different ISPs)

None of these had the slightest effect. I started getting nervous and looked around to see if there were any alternatives around that might help. I tried a couple of plugins with no success and finally found one called Media Library Assistant. That brought back the image icons (as well as adding other functionality),

Posting this in case anyone else has a similar problem. Not a “solution” as such, but at least might get you back working.



After installing the plugin I found that my entire site doesn’t show up – all I see is a blank screen. What a nightmare.


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