My books and stories share a common timeline for the most part, so you may see events in one mentioned in passing in another series of books. Sometimes characters will also reappear as incidental characters in stories not focused on them.

Additionally, I tend to write my novels sequentially in time sequence, so usually the publication order matches the timeline order.

The timeline as it stands is like this:

  • Mathematics of Eternity
  • Perimiter
  • Transformation Protocol
  • Kwelengsen Storm
  • Intersection
  • Kwelengsen Dawn
  • Kwelengsen Swarm

Also many of the characters and incidents that appear in my short stories also crop up from time to time. The links aren’t essential to understand the novels, but if you like such connections you might have fun figuring them all out 🙂

The Hyperia Jones books are completely separate and have no connection with either sanity, the Joe Ballen, or Logan’s World books (other than the author!)