My books and stories share a common timeline for the most part, so you may see events in one mentioned in passing in another series of books. Sometimes characters will also reappear as incidental characters in stories not focused on them.

Additionally, I tend to write my novels sequentially in time sequence, so usually the publication order matches the timeline order.

Also some of the characters and incidents that appear in my short stories will crop up from time to time. The links aren’t essential to understand the novels, but if you like such connections you might have fun figuring them all out 🙂

The Hyperia Jones books are completely separate and have no connection with either sanity, the Joe Ballen, or Logan’s World books (other than the author!)

Short Story

Sometimes, the only person who can help is the last person you'd want to call.
Commissioner Bellarbi's administration of the Information Systems Investigation Authority isn't going well. Communications networks are crumbling and a series of high-profile industrial  and food production failures have threatened safety and cost jobs. He believes the global technology infrastructure is under attack from cyber-terrorists. With public protests rising and his job under threat, he needs answers fast. Leaving him only one choice: to seek help from her...
Mayrum Casteneda, the legendary founder of the Authority, is a relic from a bygone age who definitely doesn't suffer fools. She might just be the only person who can help, but are the answers buried too deep? 

Short Story

How far would you go to protect your career? Your friends? Your family? Your way of life?
The Atolls--a group of elite off-world colonists—dominate from their position orbiting the Earth, restricting access to scroffers—their name for the people still living on the planet. Shuttle pilot Guy Addison is one of the few allowed to make regular trips to the Atolls and feels little sympathy for his Earth-bound contemporaries.
But after the Atolls announce a draconian clampdown on immigration, Addison faces the very real possibility that flights will be stopped and he will never be allowed into space again. And when terrorists take over his shuttle, he must confront not only secrets from his past but also the deadly consequences of a new future. Can he successfully outwit both the terrorists, and the Atolls, to bring his ship home?
Atoll: An edge-of-the-seat suspense-filled thriller with action on every page! 

Null Vector
First they framed him. Now they want him dead.
After an accident in space, Joe Ballen is finished as a space engineer. But when he helps a beautiful woman who needs somewhere to hide, he ends up losing four days. He wakes to find he's wanted for murder and the theft of a space freighter worth millions. Joe's only chance to prove his innocence is to find the woman. But he's not the only one looking, and the corpses are piling up.
Fall guys don't come any snarkier!
Mathematics of Eternity

A grisly death, a disturbed scientist, and a dangerous conspiracy.
Joe Ballen dreams of returning to space, but after an accident left him half-crippled, he scrapes a living flying cabs in flooded-out Baltimore. When one of his passengers suffers a grisly death, Joe is dragged into a dangerous conspiracy centered around a prototype JumpShip.

With the help of a disturbed scientist, a senile survivalist, and his glamorous boss, can Joe untangle the puzzle and uncover the truth before he becomes another statistic?
You can ask Joe Ballen anything, except to give up.


Deceit has no boundaries
Joe Ballen’s working on a new ore-processing platform in the harsh environment around Mercury. But then the security forces come calling. Vital starship engineering files are missing, and without them Earth has no hope of escaping Atoll domination. Someone has to locate the files, and Ballen is bulldozed into the not-so-choice assignment.

But he’s not the only one in the hunt. As Joe struggles to find the data, he becomes tangled up in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. It’s a journey that will take him to the perilous depths of space, where no one is quite what they seem. Can old enemies ever make good allies? And can Joe trust even the people closest to him?

Transformation Protocol

Change can be deadly!
With his life crumbling around him, Joe Ballen is close to going out in a blaze, fueled by cheap alcohol and self-hatred. But when something “out there” starts destroying spaceships and stations, the only JumpShip available to investigate is the Shokasta—locked away by Joe in an attempt to get justice for his family.

But when an old friend offers him the chance to return to space in the hunt for a missing ship, it proves more complicated than either of them imagined. With all sides of the political spectrum looking to grab a piece of the newly explored star systems, Joe soon realizes that some people will go to any lengths to get what they want, and are willing to sacrifice anyone in the process.

Kwelengsen Storm

You can turn your back on war,
but sometimes it refuses to let you go.

When Logan Twofeathers takes on the job of head of engineering on Kwelengsen, the first habitable planet discovered by Earth, he thinks he’s leaving conflict far behind. But when he investigates the loss of a deep-space communications relay, his ship is attacked and crash-lands back on the planet.

With his new home destroyed by the invaders, Logan is stranded deep in the frozen mountains with an injured sergeant who hates him almost as much as the enemy. And when he's forced to ally himself with a disparate group of soldiers and their uncompromising captain, Logan must face the reality that he may have lost everything—and everyone—he loves.


Where deception and betrayal meet...
Joe Ballen is taking it easy as head of engineering on the new giant space station at Alpha Centauri, or at least as easy as it ever gets for Joe. One thing he’s sure of though—he’s out of the hero game for good. But on a routine visit back to Earth, one of Joe’s oldest acquaintances is killed in front of him. Followed almost immediately by an attack. Forced to take desperate measures, Joe survives by the slimmest of margins
And when he uncovers a secret message from an unusual source, Joe must undertake a deep space journey filled with deceit and danger to uncover the secrets behind the murder and attacks. But with a potential war looming, can he survive long enough to find the answers?

Kwelengsen Dawn
When you lose everything you love, the whole world becomes the enemy.
After his planet was invaded by ruthless Corporate forces, engineer Logan Twofeathers is trapped on Earth by the authorities, who are more afraid of starting a war than helping their people. He may be safe, but many others are still missing.
When security tries to arrest him on trumped-up charges, he must find his own way to return to Kwelengsen. His only option is to seek out someone from his past--a borderline psychotic, who might just be crazy enough to help.
Now, he must draw on all his strength and resilience as he undertakes a precarious and violent journey into the unknown, with enemies lurking in every shadow. The outlook is bleak, and all he has is his grit and sense of honor. Will that be enough?
Kwelengsen Swarm
How long can one man keep fighting?
Logan's dreams of a peaceful life on Kwelengsen have been shattered. A final battle with the Corporate forces seems inevitable and will cost all the settlers' lives unless he can get them off planet. But with deadly new species appearing all around, the remaining survivors find themselves battling enemies on multiple fronts.
And when the settlers start behaving in strange, inexplicable ways, Logan must fight to uncover the reasons behind their sinister death wish. But with Corporate reinforcements on the way, he's fast running out of time.
Kwelengsen Swarm–the endgame is survival, but who is the enemy?


Short Story
Three Lives of mary

Can a heart be broken, when it's artificial?
Mary is part of an elite CySapient team. Together with her husband Ben--a total-conversion sentient spaceship--she surveys planets looking for potentially colonizable worlds.
While investigating a possibly habitable planet, Mary encounters a strange plant-animal hybrid that threatens to destroy her, despite her near invulnerable Cynetic body. Ben rescues her, but is severely damaged--including his highly expensive Dataract brain augmentation.
After limping back to the nearest repair base, Mary discovers that bad investments in immature colony worlds, along with Ben's taste for lavish hardware upgrades, have wiped out most of their funds. Unable to afford the life-saving repairs Ben needs, Mary must now risk everything to save him, and make decisions that will change both their lives forever.

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