Three Lives Of Mary-Cover Reveal

Today, I’d like to reveal the cover and description for my forthcoming short-story Three Lives Of Mary. Click the image to see a bigger view.

Mary is part of an elite CySapient team, surveying planets looking for potential worlds to colonize. Her partner, Ben, is a total conversion sentient spaceship—and her husband.

While investigating the surface of a rare, potentially habitable planet, Mary encounters a strange plant-animal hybrid that threatens to destroy her despite her near invulnerable Cynetic body. Ben rescues her, but the lifeforms create a violent lightning storm and almost blast him out of the skies, severely damaging his systems—including his highly expensive Dataract.

After limping back to the nearest repair base, Mary confronts the ruthless station manager, Tartoa, looking for help. But Tartoa isn’t known for his generosity. And a combination of Ben’s penchant for lavish hardware upgrades, and bad investments in colonies that haven’t reached maturity yet, means their funds are almost depleted.

Unable to afford the life-saving repairs that Ben needs, Mary must risk everything to save her partnership with Ben and make decisions that will change both their lives irrevocably.
The cover is the result of my on-going open-source challenge and is the first one I’ve done completely using open-source tools. I’m very pleased with the result and will definitely be following this path going forwards.

Mary will be available on Amazon from September 14th, but if you sign up for my newsletter, you just might get a special treat in your inbox before then!

2 Responses

  1. Hi, David! I saw you interacted with one of my tweets on Twitter, and came by to see your works.
    Congratulations on your releases, and this cover looks awesome! Some day, I may be able to try getting some of your stories; IF I can ever get some income again.
    Keep up the excellent work. This story sounds like it’s very interesting. Very interesting, indeed!
    Have a great day, and best wishes in the coming New Year!
    — John

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