The drugs don’t work

Researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center have published results showing that people taking anti-depressants continue to have many of the symptoms of depression including  insomnia, sadness and decreased concentration.

“Widely used antidepressant medications, while working overall, missed these symptoms. If patients have persistent residual symptoms, these individuals have a high probability of incomplete recovery,” said Dr. Shawn McClintock, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.

High probability of incomplete recovery? In other words they don’t work.

As I have said previously anti-depressants are an easy cop-out for doctors and a nice money maker for drug companies but they only mask the problems – they aren’t, and can’t be, a cure. The only value to anti-depressants is that they provide multi-billion dollar sales to drug companies every year ($20+ billion in the U.S. alone!), which is why they spend so much ‘persuading‘ doctors to prescribe them.

The only way to ‘cure’ depression is to tackle it head on. Find what is causing it and then remove/change that cause, or rework your reaction to it.

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