Using Scrivener for a Series Bible

When I started my Joe Ballen series, I had no concept of writing a sequel as such. The book was meant to be a stand-alone, and it was only in editing that I realized I had more to tell about my smart-mouthed cab-driver/space engineer. One thing I did have though, was a plan for how […]

Welcome to Transformation Protocol Launch Week!

Transformation Protocol: Joe Ballen, Book Three is officially released today, and I’m so excited, I’m not just having a launch day but an entire launch week! Today the ebook version is available from these retailers:Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple And this Saturday sees the official launch of the paperback at Graphic-con, […]

Perimeter Launch Day

It’s finally here! Perimeter: Joe Ballen, Book Two goes live today! Everybody in the world needs to buy this book–I mean EVERYBODY! Then I can retire 🙂 The truth is even if that happened, I’d keep writing–it really gets in your blood. And the good news is that work on book three is already underway! […]

My latest novel now available to pre-order

It’s finally here! The time is right to release the second novel in the Joe Ballen series. The ebook is ready to go and the print version is all wrapped up, ready to fly into the hands of eager readers. The official release date is April 21st, 2018 and we’ll be launching it at the […]

Back Up Philosophy

“Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is a good backup procedure”-Aristotle I will confess to being a complete paranoid when it comes to backing up my files, and I take pride in the fact that I have not lost an important file in over fifteen years. Certainly a part of this is that […]

Well, there’s a thing…

I started writing several years ago and my first “serious” work turned out to be a novel called “Eye Of Time.” I was ecstatic when I finished it and even sent it off to Tor but quite quickly realized it wasn’t up to the quality needed for publication (sorry, Tor!), and so it was shelved. […]