The Future of Medical Treatment

In my Joe Ballen and Logan’s World novels, I mention several times the characters’ use of “nanobiotics.” My idea was that microscopic specialized robots could be injected into a wound site, programmed to repair damage to organs and tissues, fight disease, and effectively work alongside the human body’s natural healing systems, to make such treatment […]

My latest book trailer using HitFilm Pro and Blender

It’s a little late–okay, a lot late 🙂 (the book was published in May)–but I’m pleased to finally announce the availability of the book trailer for my most recently released book Kwelengsen Storm. As with my other book trailers, I used Blender 3D for the modeling, animation, and rendering. I thought my last trailer for […]

Using Scrivener for a Series Bible

When I started my Joe Ballen series, I had no concept of writing a sequel as such. The book was meant to be a stand-alone, and it was only in editing that I realized I had more to tell about my smart-mouthed cab-driver/space engineer. One thing I did have though, was a plan for how […]

Are we there yet? (Or why the Moon is closer than Toronto!)

When I was younger on family vacations with my siblings, you could guarantee that within an hour of setting off, we’d be chorusing the phrase “Are we there yet?” much to the annoyance of our parents. They’d do their best to keep us occupied, making up games along the way, and we’d always have a […]

Back Up Philosophy

“Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is a good backup procedure”-Aristotle I will confess to being a complete paranoid when it comes to backing up my files, and I take pride in the fact that I have not lost an important file in over fifteen years. Certainly a part of this is that […]

Science meets science fiction

When people write science fiction, they’re often extrapolating current technology and devices and looking into the future of what they may become. This can lead to some quite odd parallels as science catches up with what the authors once just dreamed about. For instance, in 1945 Arthur C. Clarke wrote about “extraterrestrial relays”–geostationary artificial satellites–which […]