Welcome to Transformation Protocol Launch Week!

Transformation Protocol: Joe Ballen, Book Three is officially released today, and I’m so excited, I’m not just having a launch day but an entire launch week! Today the ebook version is available from these retailers:Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple And this Saturday sees the official launch of the paperback at Graphic-con, […]

Are we there yet? (Or why the Moon is closer than Toronto!)

When I was younger on family vacations with my siblings, you could guarantee that within an hour of setting off, we’d be chorusing the phrase “Are we there yet?” much to the annoyance of our parents. They’d do their best to keep us occupied, making up games along the way, and we’d always have a […]

What you need to know about the awe-inspiring New Horizons project

If you can imagine two astronomy research teams having a hypothetical conversation then one of them might go something like this: Voyager Team: We’ve redefined what we know about the outer planets in the solar system. How do you beat that? New Horizons Team: Hold my Coat! I’m lucky enough to have been able to […]

Perimeter Launch Day

It’s finally here! Perimeter: Joe Ballen, Book Two goes live today! Everybody in the world needs to buy this book–I mean EVERYBODY! Then I can retire 🙂 The truth is even if that happened, I’d keep writing–it really gets in your blood. And the good news is that work on book three is already underway! […]

New release and a spring makeover

It’s time to announce the official release of my short-story, Atoll. It’s not my latest story written. I’ve had it ready or a while but wanted to get my novel out before releasing this one. The story is loosely connected to my novel Mathematics Of Eternity, taking  place a few decades before the events in […]

Birthday Goodies!

It’s my birthday and you can help me celebrate! How? By reading one of my short-stories that I’ve posted free for everyone to read on my site. Atoll is a sister story to my recently released novel Mathematics Of Eternity. It’s set a few years before the novel and shows some of the situations that […]