Science on Sunday

This week was a mix of editing and garages. The edits on the 2nd Logan’s World book are going well, and as the temperatures have warmed up a bit, I was able to get out to do a little work in my garage – something I’d not be able to think of for at least […]

Science on a Sunday

This is the first in a new weekly roundup of links to some of the science stories that have caught my eye recently. With the JWST getting close to starting its scientific work, here’s an article that digs into what we can expect from it. Read more… Many people think our galaxy must be special […]

New sci-fi and science reads for July

Welcome back to my monthly look at what’s new in the world of sci-fi and science. Most of these are published this month, but you’ll find a couple of August releases in here too. So let’s get started! Talking to robots: tales from our human-robot futures by David Ewing DuncanRobots and AI are hot topics […]