Science on Sunday

Our winter weather seemed to be on its way out, but this week we’ve had the “fun” of more snow and freezing temperatures. When will it end? My garage door is finally here, but the installers can’t put it in until I can move my car out of the garage. And I can’t move the […]

Science on Sunday

This week I got my latest novel back from my editor (complete with lots of red ink!) so now the “fun” of editing returns, but never fear, there’s always time for some fun science. Here’s my selection for this week. I sometimes use the byline “The Future’s About to Get a Lot More Action Packed” […]

Discover the secret link between neutrino research and Iron Man

Sudbury is a pretty cool place to live if you like science and cosmological mysteries (and it’s very cool in winter! 🙂 ). We have Science North, a great science education resource, research into mining in space, years ago we had NASA testing lunar rovers up here, and, possibly the most exciting, we are home […]

Space Town

I live in a small city called Sudbury in Northern Ontario, Canada. How that came about is a bit of tale in itself, but not the subject of this post. Needless to say it’s often seen as an eccentric choice by many when they hear about it. (“You’re moving to where?” Said the immigration officer […]