Time Travel Top Ten

Time travel is a staple in science fiction, with a rich history from the very earliest days of the genre’s existence, and has produced many gems over the years. I even wrote a time travel story myself (“He Who Controls” in my Dead Reckoning collection) that envisages a nightmarish world where time travel is cheap […]

Sci-Fi Coffee Round-up

Highlighted this week are the Terry Gilliam movie, Brazil, the remake of V, and the more recent Elysium. I watched the original series of V and wasn’t very impressed, but haven’t seen the remake. I’ll have to remedy that. Perhaps it’s better. Brazil is one of my favorite movies, a dark and brooding black comedy […]

Scifi Coffee Round-Up

A little obscurity in this week’s scifi coffee round-up. Event Horizon was the overwhelming winner. Richard Burton from the movie The Medusa Touch based on a novel of the same name by Peter Van Greenaway proved a little challenging.