Sci-fi Imagineering (Oct 2022)

Some authors stick with you no matter what, and one of those for me was Robert Heinlein. His stories were always full of amazing details and immensely thought-provoking. They also had some of my favorite covers, many of which were created by British artist, Tim White. After graduating from the Medway College of Design in […]

Sci-fi Imagineering (January2022)

The latest in my somewhat haphazard Imagineering posts features the artwork of Rick Guidice. He was born and raised as a cool California dude, living close to the burgeoning Silicon Valley, and started out doing architectural illustration at the age of sixteen, before studying fine art at university. This was at a time when computer […]

Sci-fi Imagineering (September 2020)

As I mentioned in last month’s post, Peter Elson created many of the covers for Harry Harrison’s books, but he wasn’t the only brilliant artist to do so. This month’s image comes from Alan Craddock, another British artist, who created the eye-catching image below. He also worked on my favorite comic 2000 AD, which gave […]

Sci-fi Imagineering (August 2020)

This is the second in my new “imagineering” series. This time around, I thought I’d feature an image by the late Peter Elson, a British sci-fi illustrator. I first came across his name as the artist who created several covers for some of my favorite books by Harry Harrison, including the Stainless Steel Rat and […]

Happy Birthday, Hector! Celebrating 5 years as an indie author

My very first book, Dead Reckoning And Other Stories was released five years ago today! There’s a little bit of everything in there: military sci-fi, time travel, fantasy–and Elvis! Not to mention the insane adventures of Hector Tren-Hump (“Toward the end of Dead Reckoning I was rooting for the bad guy!” said one reviewer.) If […]

Sci-fi Imagineering (July 2020)

As a writer, my weapons of choice are, quite naturally, words. But like many authors, I also find inspiration in various places, and one of my favorite sources is cool sci-fi images. This post kicks off a series featuring images that have resonated with me, for all sorts of reasons. There’s not going to be […]