New sci-fi and science reads for summer 2022

Need some suggestions for your holiday reads? I have you covered. Let’s celebrate summer with this stash of stupendous summer sci-fi and science picks! Nightmare Fuel: The Science of Horror Films by Nina NessethScience communicator and horror movie fan Nesseth dissects our enduring fascination with horror. Analyzing classics such as The Exorcist as well as […]

New sci-fi and science reads for April 2022

We’re now officially into spring reading season, so it’s time to welcome in a brand-new crop of sci-fi and science releases! Hidden in Plain Sight: The History, Science, and Engineering of Microfluidic Technology by Albert FolchFolch takes us under the microscope with an engaging overview and detailed images of the study of fluids at submillimeter […]

New sci-fi and science reads for January 2022

Happy New Year! We made it to 2022! I hope you packed in plenty of good reading over the holiday and are feeling ready to build your TBR list for the year ahead. To get you started, here are my picks from January’s new science and sci-fi releases. Shattered Skies by John BirminghamAustralian author Birmingham […]

New sci-fi and science reads for January 2021

Happy New Year! I’m welcoming in 2021 with my first sci-fi and science reads round-up of the year. After the almost overwhelming pre-Christmas glut of new releases, I’m back in business with a lean, mean, slimmed-down new reads list for this month. Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality by Frank Wilczek It’s life, the Universe, and […]

New sci-fi and science reads for December 2020

After the glut of new releases during the last few months, December’s publication schedule is a little less hectic. But quality over quantity, right? Here are my picks from the latest science and science fiction books, sprinkled with a few seasonally appropriate choices for your holiday reading. We, Robots edited by Simon Ings Billed as […]

New sci-fi and science reads for November 2020

Once again, there’s no shortage of new releases this month. With many of us ordering more Christmas gifts online this year, books (especially signed copies :-)) are a great option. Read on for some potential ideas for the sci-fi, or science, fan in your life. Or treat yourself! Hyperia Jones and the Olive Branch Caper […]