New sci-fi and science reads for May 2020

I wasn’t sure how many new books would be released in May as I’m hearing a lot about fluctuating publication dates, but fortunately it seems there are still plenty to choose from! So here are my science and sci-fi picks for this month. Network Effect: the Murderbot Diaries #5 by Martha WellsWhat better way to […]

Three Lives Of Mary – Preview

Three Lives Of Mary  By  David M. Kelly Copyright © 2016 by David M. Kelly Mary gasped as her legs were ripped from under her and she slammed face down into the ground. Several tendril-like vines wrapped around her arms and legs and she instinctively pulled against them. Thorn-like bristles clawed at her burnished skin […]

Three Lives Of Mary-Cover Reveal

Today, I’d like to reveal the cover and description for my forthcoming short-story Three Lives Of Mary. Click the image to see a bigger view. Mary is part of an elite CySapient team, surveying planets looking for potential worlds to colonize. Her partner, Ben, is a total conversion sentient spaceship—and her husband. While investigating the […]