New sci-fi and science reads for November 2021

Think November is dreary and depressing? Has watching The Foundation left you in a black hole? Dune left sand in your shoes? Don’t despair! Here are some great new sci-fi and science reads to light up the long, dark evenings and revive your mood. Pick your favorite and start turning (or swiping) those pages now! […]

New sci-fi and science reads for October 2021

It’s a slightly slimmed down selection this month after the glut of new releases in September, but no less exciting! Read on to discover my picks from October’s new sci-fi and science books. Thinking Better: The Art of the Shortcut in Math and Life by Marcus du SautoyDu Sautoy, a professor for the Public Understanding […]

New sci-fi and science reads for September 2021

Hope you had a great summer and are feeling in peak condition to begin priming your to-read list for the fall season. This month sees the release of a special new edition of Leviathan Wakes, to mark its ten-year anniversary. But if you’re already up-to- date on your Expanse reading, don’t despair. The conclusion to […]

New sci-fi and science reads for August 2021

We’re into August, the final stretch of the summer, but there’s still plenty of time to fit in some beach or patio reading. Prepare to be gripped by some great sci-fi action, or for something a little more contemplative, dip into some intriguing science options. Let’s go! Ten Days in Physics that Shook the World: […]

New sci-fi and science reads for July 2021

It’s July already??? How is that possible? Let’s make the most of it with some hot new scifi and science titles guaranteed to add some zing to your vacation days. Intersection: Joe Ballen book 4 by David M. KellyThe fourth and final installment in my Joe Ballen series – an action-packed sci-fi noir thriller with […]

New sci-fi and science reads for June 2021

Looking to add some sci-fi or science to your summer reading list? I have you covered with plenty of exciting sci-fi action adventure and engrossing science and space reads! Let’s get to it! Catalyst Gate (The Protectorate #3) by Megan O’Keefe Humanity is on the verge of being exterminated by an ancient alien intelligence in […]