My latest book trailer using HitFilm Pro and Blender

It’s a little late–okay, a lot late 🙂 (the book was published in May)–but I’m pleased to finally announce the availability of the book trailer for my most recently released book Kwelengsen Storm. As with my other book trailers, I used Blender 3D for the modeling, animation, and rendering. I thought my last trailer for […]

Sci-fi Imagineering (August 2020)

This is the second in my new “imagineering” series. This time around, I thought I’d feature an image by the late Peter Elson, a British sci-fi illustrator. I first came across his name as the artist who created several covers for some of my favorite books by Harry Harrison, including the Stainless Steel Rat and […]

Sci-fi Imagineering (July 2020)

As a writer, my weapons of choice are, quite naturally, words. But like many authors, I also find inspiration in various places, and one of my favorite sources is cool sci-fi images. This post kicks off a series featuring images that have resonated with me, for all sorts of reasons. There’s not going to be […]