Science on Sunday

I’ve been working hard on editing book two in the Logan’s World series, Kwelengsen Dawn, which will release on June 7th. I’m getting toward the end of this round of editing, and most of the work is the frustrating, nit-picky job of commas, periods, and similar. The downside of this focus is that it means […]

Science on Sunday

This week, I started counting steps as part of my ongoing attempts to recover my fitness after a partial foot amputation several years ago. Needless to say it’s been a long process, but I finally feel able to put my best foot forward (pun intended!) and measure my walking. So far, I’ve managed about 7000 […]

Life in a bubble

Recent discoveries show that our solar system lies in the middle of a giant “bubble” in space, which encompasses a volume five hundred light-years wide around us. As a result of this, there are relatively few star systems inside that region, and at its edge, a frenzy of star formation has taken place. The Local […]

New sci-fi and science reads for August 2020

Hard to believe we’re already in August. While many businesses slow down at this time of year, the publishing season never stops–which is a good thing, especially this summer! This means plenty of enticing new science fiction and science releases on the menu this month. So whether you’re into astronomy, space history, parallel universes, or […]

New sci-fi and science reads for spring 2020

It’s been a while since my last books round-up, so time to take a look at what’s new in the world of science fact and fiction. With a bit of fantasy sneaking in there too 🙂 The Hidden Girl and Other Stories by Ken LiuA collection of sci-fi and fantasy short stories from this award-winning […]

New sci-fi and science reads for January 2020

It’s a busy start to the new decade with plenty to choose from in sci-fi and science reads. Here are my top picks! How We Learn: Why Brains Learn Better Than Any Machine…for Now by Stanislas DehaeneCombines AI, neurobiology, and cognitive psychology for an in-depth look at how we learn, both in an educational setting […]