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38458471007142cc0ad43c864b73e741I’m very excited to announce that one of my stories – How Much Is That Doggy? – has been selected by Sudden Insight Publishing for inclusion in their forthcoming anthology.

The as yet unnamed anthology will be a charitable publication with all proceeds going to help the SPCA and I ‘m very happy to be able to help contribute to this worthy cause. I’m a dog person myself, but believe that we should look after all animals and treat them with respect, even when they are raised for food purposes.

I have owned two beautiful dogs in the past. My first dog, Jake I had in England and hoped to bring to Canada with us, so he could live out his last days here. Unfortunately he died before we could manage that. He would have loved it here. My second dog, Kyla, was a rescue dog that we got through the local animal shelter. She had no structure in her earliest months and life with her was extremely challenging, especially in the first couple of years. She developed into a beautiful and loving pet though and we loved her dearly. Unfortunately, she died under sad circumstances and it hurt both me and my wife so much, that we’ve been unable to contemplate getting another dog yet.




DCF 1.0Kyla


Keep a look out for updates on this fabulous project and a big congratulations to the other writers chosen for inclusion! You can also follow Sudden Insight on Facebook.

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