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I talked earlier about how I started writing short stories to help develop my writing skills more quickly, but that isn’t the entire reason why I took to them. When I first started reading science fiction heavily, shorts were a great way to try out new authors and sample the “flavor” of their writing. Many of the writers I came to love had written in the big name magazines, such as Analog and Astounding. Being able to dive into their work quickly was a great opportunity to get that amazing buzz of finding another author who works their way inside your brain to wrap themselves in a choke-hold around your cerebral cortex. (huhhh… not literally!)

Like most people, in summer I like to take it a little easy and take advantage of the good weather (especially important with the long winters up here in Northern Ontario). But then as the nights get longer, well, it’s time to buckle down to more indoor activities. So, it’s a perfect time for catching up with that always growing to-be-read list, right?
Except now we’re all busy gearing up for the joys (or trials!) of the holiday season. Putting yet another squeeze on precious reading time–as if that were needed…
If you’re an avid reader, you’re probably part of the Goodreads community and perhaps taking part in the annual Reading Challenge, pledging to read a certain number of books before year’s end. Now, as 2018 looms as close as humanity’s demise, it’s time to pull out all the stops and knuckle down to making up the numbers. And what better way to build up your profile than by reading a few short stories?
For those who don’t know, shorts (not the itchy, hairy kind!) count toward your reading challenge just as much as any other book. So, instead of having to do a last minute banzai marathon through five or ten novels, you can relax, sit back, and enjoy bumping up your list while sipping on a mulled wine (or hot toddy) with stories that are much more bite-sized!
With that in mind, myself and several other cunningly creative author friends have come together to help you boost your stats and soothe your troubled reading conscience (or furnish the perfect excuse to read more!).
The following eleven authors not only turn out awesome novels, but they’re also masterfully-inventive short story writers. Take a look at the offerings below, covering everything from short novellas to tales so scanty they’d probably be illegal on a French beach!
Of course, you don’t have to be falling behind on your reading challenge to enjoy a short story! You don’t even have to be on Goodreads! Perhaps you just don’t have a lot of time to invest in a long novel right now. Or maybe you really want to start reading for pleasure but want to take baby steps. And if you’re a scrooge at this time of year, most of the books are only 99c or free! Whatever your reason, we’re here to help.
So without further diatribe, here are a few short read recommendations from some seriously talented indie authors:

Amanda Siegrist

(All above are available through Kindle Unlimited)
(Also available through Kindle Unlimited)
(Pre-order for release on Dec 1st)

Bea Cannon

(All above also available through other ebook retailers such as Kobo & Nook)

Dwayne Fry

Austism 99¢
(All above are available through Kindle Unlimited)

Kathryn Meyer Griffith

(Also available through other ebook retailers such as Kobo & Nook)

Lyra Shanti

(All above are available through Kindle Unlimited)

V.M. Sawh

Cinders 99¢
(Also available through Kindle Unlimited)

David M. Kelly

Atoll 99¢
(All above are available through Kindle Unlimited)

Kimelene Carr

(Also available through Kindle Unlimited)

C.B. Archer




Fallin 99¢
(All above are available through Kindle Unlimited)

Christina McMullen

 Dissonant 99¢
(All available through Kindle Unlimited)

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