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Your typical summer reading list is chock full of the heaving chests and gun blazing action that you find in romance and thrillers. Now, I don’t have anything against those, but what about the poor deprived science fiction fan? Don’t we get to read on the beach too? So, especially for you (well okay, and for me too…) I’ve scoured the web in search of your essential SF summer reads.


First up is Science Friday with recommendations for some great new titles along with a few classics. There are several here I’m adding to my TBR list, and it’s good to see one of my all-time favorites—The Forever War—as a reader pick.

Newinbooks.com also shares its best SF and fantasy summer reads that’s sure to have something to tempt you.

And from last year New Scientist did a round-up of their ideas of the best in scifi summer reading  while blastr.com listed a great mix of SF, fantasy & horror.

If you enjoyed The Martian, you might also be interested in this list from the IEEE’s Spectrum magazine, highlighting titles with engineers as heroes. It’s a few years old, but well worth a look.

Even Hector is getting in on the summer SF act. My special Indie Pride discount for Dead Reckoning And Other Stories starts today and continues all summer!

So what else can I say but Happy Canada Day, Happy Indie Pride Day, Happy Independence Day for all of our U.S. friends and, of course, have a fantastic SF-filled summer!


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