Politics for dummies

“The main conservative opposition party, Fidesz, insists that the government must find the money.”


How is it that so many people manage to miss the most basic, fundamentals of how governments work, including those actually within those circles? Let’s all take a deep breath, that’s it, now repeat after me.

“Governments don’t have any money.”

Try again.

“Governments don’t have any money.”

The only money that any government ‘has’ is what they’ve taken from the public in taxes, fees, more taxes, more fees, taxes on the taxes etc. In other words, yours and mine, or in this case the population of Hungary. They can’t just ‘find’ money. They can only take it from us, and if you vote to prevent that, guess what? They have no money.

Oh and if you think somehow they could dip into their own (undoubtedly well lined) pockets…

Governments don’t do that either. Perhaps they should.

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