My latest novel now available to pre-order

It’s finally here! The time is right to release the second novel in the Joe Ballen series. The ebook is ready to go and the print version is all wrapped up, ready to fly into the hands of eager readers.

The official release date is April 21st, 2018 and we’ll be launching it at the comicon in Timmins, Ontario. Timmins is a small town even further north than Sudbury, so it will be a bit of a drive up. It’s not the best of weather right now, so hopefully that will clear up for the journey.

I had a lot of fun writing the new book, and it came out very quickly compared to the first–only six months for the first draft. It brings back several of the original characters, plus a healthy number of new ones to get to know, and is set approximately two years after the first.

The series name is now officially “Joe Ballen.” I struggled over that one for quite a while. Initially I was thinking of naming it after the first book, but “Mathematics Of Eternity, Book Two” seemed a bit long winded. And many people seemed a little put off by the “mathematics” part of the first book’s title too 🙂

Final print formatting was also a bit of a struggle. A combination of me managing to get the wrong cover template and the Createspace site throwing a bit of a wobbly. Unfortunately, when you make a change and upload a new cover, it takes 24 hours to process–making it a time consuming and frustrating process.

What now? Well, Joe will return. Some editing decisions in book two mean that book three will have to change extensively, and there will probably be a delay before the next one.  I have several other projects in the pipeline though and hope to release at least another novel this year, and with luck even more!

You can read chapter one here and pre-order the ebook from Amazon. The paperback version will be available from the 21st. I hope you enjoy reading!

I’m also offering a new opportunity to read my books and this one is entirely free! I’m putting together a “street team”–a group of fans and readers who like my writing and want to help spread the word about it. Anyone who joins would receive a free ebook copy of everything I publish while they’re an active member.

In exchange, I’d ask you to review my books, share information about new releases, promos, and reviews with your contacts on social media and in the real world. My plan is not for this to be too intensive–I don’t expect people to constantly shout about my books. I’ll be setting up a Facebook group to organize it, so, if you like reading my work and the idea appeals to you, drop me a line to let me know.

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