Ozone Hole and Climate Change

Research from Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science shows that the hole in the ozone layer is linked to climate change all the way to the equator. The results link the hole to changes in air circulation systems and rainfall patterns.

This is a startling discovery and one entirely missing from studies of climate change modelling and investigations. If the study is backed up, it could have huge impacts on the sources of climate change and call in to question the role that greenhouse gas emissions really play.

Naturally, we can rely on the climate-change deniers to use this to attack the whole notion of anthropomorphic climate change. But whether it’s ozone depletion or carbon emissions, it’s still anthropomorphic.

It also doesn’t alter the need for us to change our habits. Environmental issues are connected with efficiency and responsible use of limited resources, not just ‘tree-hugging’ for the sake of it.

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