New U.S. “Terror Alert” system

The new “Terror Alert” system for the U.S. has just two levels instead of the old system that had five colours ranging from Green to Red (Highest). The new states will be ‘Elevated’ and ‘Imminent’.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is reported as saying that the level is currently at an “elevated baseline” and went on to explain that the threat  is –

at its highest since Sept. 11, 2001 because of the increasing number and types of international and homegrown threats. This does not mean there is a specific threat of an imminent attack.

How transparent can you get?

First they use highly charged words designed to communicate that a threat level is higher than ‘average’ and can’t describe any other situation. Secondly they then describe the ‘baseline’ as ‘elevated’.

Okay so a baseline by definition can’t be ‘elevated’, otherwise it’s not a ‘baseline’. But I guess that just wouldn’t scare people enough and ‘imminent’ doesn’t mean something is actually ‘imminent’, but it sure sounds scary too huh?

Homeland Security = FUD.

All of the ‘security’ organisations are playing this card. Get people scared enough and they’ll let the security forces do anything it seems. To paraphrase Franklin Roosevelt; the only thing we have to fear are the fear-mongers themselves.

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