New sci-fi and science reads for November 2021

Think November is dreary and depressing? Has watching The Foundation left you in a black hole? Dune left sand in your shoes? Don’t despair! Here are some great new sci-fi and science reads to light up the long, dark evenings and revive your mood. Pick your favorite and start turning (or swiping) those pages now!

The Extinction Trials by A.G. Riddle
A near-future dystopian thriller with movie potential written all over it. A group of strangers who wake in an underground research facility must figure our their escape and work to save the human race in an AI-dominated world. This sounds like an absorbing, fast-paced read.

Our Oldest Companions: The Story of the First Dogs by Pat Shipman
A look at the incredible 40,000-year bond between humans and dogs. Shipman, a professor of anthropology, examines canine history and origins, including wolf-dogs and dingos, and how the genetic development of dogs helped to shape the development of humans and vice versa.

Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky
This novella with a touch of humor should appeal to both scifi and fantasy fans and draw in readers new to Tchaikovsky’s writing. A clash between technology and magic as well as two very different cultures when an anthropologist is called on to help defend the population of the planet he’s been sent to study.

Flights of Fancy: Defying Gravity by Design and Evolution by Richard Dawkins; illustrated by Jana Lenzova
A beautiful cover for this scientific and artistic collaboration looking at the history of flight–both the feathered and the non-feathered variety. Would make the ideal gift for ornithologists or anyone who’s ever dreamed of taking to the skies.

Leviathan Falls by James S. A. Corey
The ninth and final volume in the epic Expanse series, the culmination of a ten-year journey for the prolific writing team of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. Do I need to say anything else? 🙂

Bang!!: The Complete History of the Universe by Brian May, Chris Lintott, and Sir Patrick Moore
In this updated version of Bang!, this stellar line-up of co-authors sets out to present the history of the Big Bang and the origins of the universe in a way that everyone can understand. Expect to learn about the latest planetary discoveries and current research on Dark Matter and Dark Energy. It’s sure to rock you!

The Every by Dave Eggers
A very timely satirical dystopian thriller. Book two of The Circle series sees the merger of two tech giants, resulting in world domination. But one employee is determined to change this and rescue humanity from its fate. The only problem? Maybe we don’t want rescuing. Sounds like an entertaining–and terrifying–read.

The Young H. G. Wells: Changing The World by Claire Tomalin
Renowned biographer Tomalin turns her attention to H. G. Wells, specifically the early part of his life that gave us his most well known works such as The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds. Essential reading for fans of Wells and anyone interested in 19th century literature.

Until next month, happy reading!

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