New sci-fi and science reads for June 2020

Summer reading season is here! A different one for sure, but hopefully we’ll all get to enjoy some quality reading time in the sun, whether we’re physically distancing in a quiet park or relaxing in our back yards. So here are my picks for new science fiction and science books being released this month.

Solar Warden by Ian Douglas
Space combat, conspiracies, and aliens! There’s something for everyone in this first-in-a-series sci-fi thriller. Judging by the tagline–“the truth has always been here”–X-files fans will enjoy this one.

The Remarkable Life of the Skin by Monty Lyman
An interesting and accessible read covering all sorts of topics from skin conditions and sun damage to the connection between the skin and mental health. Also looks at cultural and psychological factors in how we treat our skin.

Hella by David Gerrold
Hella is a huge planet, but can it cope with a thousand new refugees fleeing Earth? It falls to Kyle, who is connected to the planet’s computer network via an implant, to try and keep the peace and prevent disaster.

How to Die in Space: a Journey Through Dangerous Astrophysical Phenomena by Paul Sutter
It’s astrophysics–with humor! Sutter helps us navigate the space minefield in an accessible guide to all the wonders of the Universe. A great pick for fans of Neil deGrasse Tyson (like me).

Broken Genius by Drew Murray
Not sci-fi exactly, but this techno thriller may appeal if you like sci-fi mysteries. Set in present-day times, it’s centered around a murder at a comicon connected to quantum computing.

The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) by Katie Mack
It’s astrophysics + humor part 2! A fun, conversational approach to discussing five different ways the Universe could end and what the future might hold for humanity.

The Way of the Laser: Future Crime Stories edited by Joe M. McDermott and Eric M. Bosarge.
Will the day ever come when humanity is law-abiding? Not according to this collection of 18 sci-fi stories, which looks at how technology such as AI and cloning will impact crime in the future.

Billion Dollar Burger: Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food by Chase Purdy
If there was lab-grown meat that tasted as good as the real thing, I’d sign up in an instant. Purdy looks at the start-up companies seeking to make this a reality and the many vested interests they are up against.

That’s a wrap (veggie or meat, your choice!) for another month. What are you planning to read this summer? Do you have a favorite reading spot for warm days? Let me know in the comments.

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