New sci-fi and science reads for January 2021

Happy New Year! I’m welcoming in 2021 with my first sci-fi and science reads round-up of the year. After the almost overwhelming pre-Christmas glut of new releases, I’m back in business with a lean, mean, slimmed-down new reads list for this month.

Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality by Frank Wilczek
It’s life, the Universe, and everything! Reality explained through science, by a Nobel laureate no less. This book promises to “expand your world and your mind.” What better way to kick off 2021!

We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen
For something a little lighter, here’s some, fun, fast-paced sci fi adventure. Our twenty-something heroes wake with no memories or belongings but possessing superpowers! Lots of crossover appeal here and surely a movie to follow.

Breath Taking: The Power, Fragility, and Future of our Extraordinary Lungs by Michael J. Stephen
The “simple” act of breathing is perhaps something that many of us take for granted. Yet, as pulmonologist Dr. Stephen explains, “Our lungs are the lynchpin between our bodies and the outside world.” This timely guide covers the evolutionary history of breathing, the link between our lungs and immunity, as well as current research on respiratory diseases. Note: the published title is different from the GoodReads listing.

Invisible Sun by Charles Stross
The extinction of humanity is at stake in the final exciting installment of the Empire Games series, a techno-thriller trilogy with multiple timelines. Unfortunately, the January release is hardcover only, with the ebook not expected until September.

When Brains Dream: Exploring the Science and Mystery of Sleep by Antonio Zadra and Robert Stickgold
Books about dreams are often filled with a lot of “fluff” and pseudo-science. However, this guide to the latest research on sleep and dreaming is written by two neuroscientists and promises to be a scientifically rigorous look at an always-intriguing topic. Maybe I’ll find out how my brain occasionally dreams up the answers to tricky plot points!

The Last Exit by Michael Kaufman
The start of a new sci-fi mystery series centered around police detective Jen Lu and her partner Chandler, an AI implant with bags of personality. The dystopian setting, themes of aging and longevity, and plenty of snappy banter should ensure wide appeal. One to check out for readers of near-future sci-fi or Murderbot fans.

If you missed December’s post, you can click the link below to catch up, and I also put together a round-up of my favorite space books from last year. Here’s to lots more reading and positive times ahead in 2021!

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