New sci-fi and science reads for February 2022

Welcome to February reads! Let’s fight our way through the hearts, teddy bears, and chocolate (okay, maybe we’ll stop for chocolate) and get to the important stuff–the new science and sci-fi releases out this month.

The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology by Amy Webb & Andrew Hessel
Synthetic biology–the engineering of living things–is one of the latest and most exciting scientific developments. Of course, this brings with it plenty of ethical concerns too, as our laws fail to keep pace. The topic is especially interesting for me as it ties in nicely with the concept of “Geneering” in my Joe Ballen and Logan’s World series.

Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes
A salvage crew investigates a luxury space-liner that vanished decades ago, and very strange things start to happen… Garnering plenty of comparisons with classic sci-fi horror like Alien and Event Horizon, this promises to be a chilling and absorbing read.

The Man from the Future: The Visionary Life of John von Neumann by Ananyo Bhattacharya
If you’ve never heard of scientific genius von Neumann, now’s your chance! Physics, mathematics, engineering, economics–the man did it all. And his ideas were so advanced, his colleagues joked that he was a time-traveler from the future. Discover his many contributions to our lives today–and our future.

Mickey7 by Edward Ashton
Mickey7, an “Expendable” on a colonization mission, doesn’t take too kindly to being replaced by Mickey8. Can he keep his double a secret whilst also protecting his human crew? This sci-fi thriller is set to hit the big screen and has all the cross-over appeal to replicate the success of The Martian.

This Way to the Universe: A Theoretical Physicist’s Journey to the Edge of Reality by Michael Dine
Everything you ever wanted to know about theoretical physics! Dark matter, dark energy, the Big Bang, string theory – you’ll find them all here in this accessible overview from theoretical physicist Professor Michael Dine. A complex topic related in an engaging and sometimes humorous way, including personal experiences from Dine’s storied career.

The Paradox Hotel by Rob Hart
The world’s wealthiest gather at The Paradox during a snowstorm, with privatization of time travel technology the hot agenda item. Against this backdrop, time cop January Cole must solve the murder of a corpse that only she can see. Incorporating many different themes and timelines, this is an intriguing, multi-layered sci fi mystery with a touch of noir.

Impact: How Rocks from Space Led to Life, Culture, and Donkey Kong by Greg Brennecka
Living as I do in a giant impact crater, how could I not be drawn in by this title? Cosmochemist Brennecka explains how we literally owe our lives (and deaths, in the case of the dinosaurs) to meteorites, tackling this immense topic in a fun and accessible way.

Did any of these tug at your heartstrings? Is a science or sci-fi book your idea of a romantic gift? Let me know in the comments!

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