New sci-fi and science reads for December 2021

Where did the year go? It’s time to close out 2021 with the final batch of science and sci-fi new releases of the year. Are there any contenders here for your holiday reading list? Read on to find out!

Science Wars: The Battle Over Knowledge and Reality by Steven L. Goldman
A feast for science junkies (like me :-)). Goldman explores the history of scientific knowledge and the reasons why science is often–especially in our current times–viewed with suspicion. He also examines the responsibilities of scientists and policy makers in ensuring accurate reporting for better decision making.

Discordia by Kristyn Merbeth
The Kaiser family is back in the final chapter of the Nova Vita Protocol trilogy. Expect gripping space opera with plenty of action, political intrigue, and sympathetic, flawed characters. Recommended for fans of Becky Chambers.

Dogology: The Weird and Wonderful Science of Dogs by Stefan Gates
How do dogs sense human diseases? Do they dream? And what’s with all that tail wagging? These and many more doggie questions are answered in this quirky take on canine science. This would make an excellent gift for dog lovers, and there’s an equivalent cat version too!

Gallowglass by S.J. Morden
If you like your sci-fi “hard,” you’ll enjoy this near-future space adventure set on an asteroid mining ship. There’s plenty of detailed astrophysics to get to grips with, combined with the coming-of-age story of a rich kid turned astronaut.

The Star Drive: The True Story of a Genius, an Engine and Our Future by Phillip Hills
Hills relates the 200-year history of KRUSTY, NASA’s small nuclear reactor, which owes its origins to the work of inventor Robert Stirling back in 1816. This tiny device could have a huge impact on our future, potentially enabling us to power starships and generate energy on our planet. A fascinating topic to explore!

Revenant (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) by Alex White
I don’t usually feature Star Trek tie-ins, as there are so many. But this one caught my eye for three reasons. One, it’s DS9, my favorite Star Trek series and, to me, one of the best drama series ever. Two, it’s written by the author of the popular Salvagers trilogy. And three, it’s centered around the character of Jadzia Dax, and anything involving a Trill always spells trouble…

Reimagining Sustainable Cities: Strategies For Designing Greener, Healthier, More Equitable Communities by Stephen M. Wheeler & Christina D. Rosan
Wheelan and Rosan redefine sustainability to include affordability and inclusiveness as well as carbon neutrality. In examples drawn from around the world, they present actions and solutions that will appeal not just to urban planners but anyone interested in sustainable solutions for our cities.

Out of This World: Speculative Fiction in Translation from the Cold War to the New Millenium by Rachel S. Cordasco
This is an amazing resource if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of sci-fi (also fantasy and horror) in English translation. Chapters are divided by the original language of the work (including Korean, eastern European and Arabic languages) as well as by sub-genre, so you can really hone in on those authors you’re likely to enjoy. Watch that TBR list grow!

Which science and sci-fi books have you most enjoyed this year? Let me know in the comments. Until the New Year, happy reading and cheers!

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