New CONservative environmental protection strategy

According to news on the oil-pipeline leak, the oil was partially contained by a beaver dam.

It’s good to see the animal population of Canada taking its own stance on environmental protection. Certainly with Stephen Harper’s government taking a ‘majority’, we can guarantee that this is probably about as much protection as we’re likely to see for the next few years. The CONservatives are traditional enemies of anyone who has the temerity to suggest that protection of the environment might have some importance.

Thinking about it, we’re likely to see a CONservative-led call for a cull on all beavers. After all, just because they’re Canada’s National Symbol doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to go around irresponsibly protecting us from oil spills and the like!

While on the subject of Stephen Harper, I’m pleased to provide irrefutable proof that he is not linked with the Nazi party in any way.



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