My Summer Writer’s Garret

The last week has been a busy one for many reasons, but one of the most enjoyable of these is that we finally had our screen room built on the deck.

Northern Ontario is bug heaven with blackfly season transitioning through to mosquito season through to horseflies in a seamless transition.. There’s usually a period of around two weeks in early Spring where we get good weather and not too many bugs and after that we’re eaten alive all the way until fall(autumn).

We bought a screen room kit a while ago that was great while it worked, but was a pain because it needed putting up and taking down at the beginning and end of the year. As it was a fairly cheap kit (I say cheap but it still cost $1500!) it soon started to wear from the constant screwing/unscrewing and wasn’t going to last much longer.

I knew roughly what I wanted and even started doing some very rough (and naive!) 3d modelling of what I had in mind. I felt the construction wouldn’t be too hard, but with my foot still not healed there was no way I could have carried out the work.

Luckily for us we’d connected with a very good contractor when we were planning our garage build and Mike from Aries Construction was happy to help us bring our screen room ideas to life.Mike is great to work with and highly experienced so able to take on all sizes of job, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a contractor.

So here it is, now finished. It’s an airy 8×16 with a tinted transparent roof that blocks UV but doesn’t shadow the natural light entering the kitchen.

We really wanted something that would stay up all year round and we knew we’d get a lot of use out of it in the summer. For me it will be the perfect summer writer’s garret. I can sit out there any time it’s warm enough with my laptop and not worry about bugs or even rain while I hammer out my daily word counts. On an evening it will be perfect for enjoying a glass of wine or a beer in the warm evening sun while enjoying a good read!


Where’s your favorite summer spot for writing or reading?

screenroom1screenroom2 screenroom3


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