Logan's World

Gritty sci-fi adventure with a military edge

You can turn your back on war, but sometimes it refuses to let you go

Logan Twofeathers, head of engineering on Kwelengsen, the first habitable planet discovered by Earth, thinks he’s left conflict far behind.

But when his new home is destroyed by the invaders, He is forced to battle through icy surroundings in a treacherous attempt to find his wife.

And when he’s forced to ally himself with a group of soldiers and their uncompromising captain, he must face the reality that he may have lost everything—and everyone—he loves.

Logan is trapped on Earth by the authorities, who are more afraid of starting a war than helping their people left behind after the ruthless planetary invasion.

When security tries to arrest him, he must find his own way to return to Kwelengsen. His only option is to seek out someone from his past–a borderline psychotic, who might just be crazy enough to help.

Now, he must undertake a precarious & violent journey, with enemies hiding in every shadow. All he has is his grit and sense of honor. Will that be enough?

Logan’s dreams of a peaceful life on Kwelengsen have been shattered. A final battle with the Corporate forces seems inevitable and will cost all the settlers’ lives unless he can get them off planet.

But with deadly new species appearing, the remaining survivors find themselves battling enemies on multiple fronts.

When the group starts behaving in strange, inexplicable ways, Logan must uncover the reasons behind their sinister death wish. And with Corporate reinforcements on the way, he’s fast running out of time.

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