Logan re-release!

Recently, I released my fourth novel, entitled Logan’s World, featuring Joe Ballen’s longtime friend Logan Twofeathers as the main character. I was very happy with the book and the release, and began lightly promoting it, as I do.

During one such exercise, someone made the comment that “William F. Nolan wanted his title back.” I knew Nolan was the author of the famous Logan’s Run novel, but wasn’t aware of any connection with my book’s title. I did a quick check and found that Mr. Nolan had written several “Logan” books, one of which was Logan’s World! Not only that, one of his other sequels had the same name as the next book I had planned in my Logan series!

Book titles can’t be copyrighted, and books come out all the time with the same title. But in this instance, the fact that two of Nolan’s books had the same titles I had planned, that both were science fiction series, and that Nolan’s books have a strong cult following, made me realize I should pull mine to avoid confusion.

After a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of consideration of different options, I have finally decided on the new name and republished. The book will now be titled Kwelengsen Storm.

I feel pretty safe with this title. Kwelengsen (pronounced Kwe -leng-shen for those interested) is a word from Logan’s ancestral language – Salish – and means eagle. As for the “Storm,” if you read the book, you’ll find there are plenty of storms brewing on the planet! I left the series name as “Logan’s World”, to make the connection with the initial release clear.

So for anyone who picked up a copy of the initial release, you now have a rather rare version of the book! Here’s the original book page, now edited to suit.

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