Kwelengsen Dawn release!

It’s been a while coming, but I’m very pleased to announce that Kwelengsen Dawn, Logan’s World Book Two, is released today and should be available through all the major book channels.

You may wonder why it’s taken a somewhat long time between book one and two, but as it happens I tend to write things in timeline order. As a result of that, book one fell between the events in Joe Ballen book three and four, so that’s how I wrote them. Book two is set after the final Joe Ballen book, and so is only now getting a release.

The good news, though, is that book three in the series is already well under way, so there won’t be such a big gap as between books one and two!

Some people have mentioned difficulty in pronouncing the planet name. That’s understandable as “Kwelengsen” comes from the native American language Salish, which is Logan’s historical family language, but not widely known or spoken today. Despite that, it’s not too difficult to get the hang off once you know how. The first part is mostly pronounced how it’s spelled, but the last syllable has a sh sound – Kwuh – leng- shun.

Click here to find out more and read the first chapter, while this link will take you to your favorite book retailer.

I hope you enjoy Kwelengsen Dawn!

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