My latest book trailer using HitFilm Pro and Blender

It’s a little late–okay, a lot late 🙂 (the book was published in May)–but I’m pleased to finally announce the availability of the book trailer for my most recently released book Kwelengsen Storm.

As with my other book trailers, I used Blender 3D for the modeling, animation, and rendering. I thought my last trailer for Transformation Protocol was the hardest I’d done because of the animated characters, but this one also turned into a long and somewhat frustrating affair. It was one of those situations where almost every shot turned out to be difficult one way or another.

Unlike my previous efforts, I used HitFilm Pro for editing rather than Blender’s own video editor (though most of the shots were composited inside Blender). In fact, I edited two versions, one with the Blender VSE, and then one with HitFilm–the latter clearly winning.

HitFilm is new to me and something of a revelation after working with the somewhat sparse Blender offering. The pro version costs, but they have a remarkably feature-rich free version too if you want to try your hand at video editing. And even the free version runs rings around the Blender editor.

As it’s the first time I’ve tried it, I wasn’t using the full power of HitFilm in this video. But now I know more of what it’s capable of, I’ll be tackling future projects with that in mind.

So, with all that said, here’s the video.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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