Welcome to the world of Joe Ballen

Fast paced, near future sci-fi noir thrillers

The future's about to get a lot more action packed!

Joe Ballen dreams of returning to space after an accident left him half-crippled and flying cabs in flooded-out Baltimore.

When a passenger suffers a grisly death, Joe is dragged into a conspiracy centered around a prototype JumpShip, where someone is murdering everyone connected to it.

As the bodies pile up, Joe is suspect #1. Can he find the truth before becoming another statistic?

While working on a new ore-processing platform near Mercury, Joe is injured & returns to Earth.

But vital starship files are missing, & Security bulldozes Joe into finding them.

But he’s not the only one in the hunt, & gets tangled up in a high-stakes game of cat & mouse in the perilous depths of space, where no one is what they seem.

With his life crumbling around him, Joe is close to going out in a blaze, fueled by cheap alcohol and self-hatred.

When an old friend offers him the chance to return to space in the hunt for a missing ship, it proves more complicated than either of them imagined.

When Joe’s past catches up with him unexpectedly, he must battle enemies new and old along with as his own inner demons.

Joe is taking it easy as head of engineering on a new space station. One thing he’s sure of though—he’s out of the hero game.

But, when he uncovers a secret message, Joe must undertake a deep space journey filled with deceit and danger to uncover the secrets behind a murderous attack.

And with a potential war looming, can he survive long enough to find the answers?

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