Happy Birthday, Joe Ballen! Five years old this month.

Joe Ballen was first unleashed on the world in Mathematics of Eternity back in 2017. As you can tell if you look back at my launch post, I was a tiny bit excited 🙂 MOE was intended to be a standalone. But here we are five years later with 3 sequels, plus a spin-off series!

The book originally launched with a different cover to the one you see now, but after a few years I decided it needed a change, and I brought it in line with the later books.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s read, reviewed, and supported the series. If you’ve not yet sampled the world of Joe Ballen, flying cab driver/space engineer, you can get started here.

So what’s ahead in the post-Ballen era? Book 2 of the Logan’s World series (Kwelengsen Dawn) is slated for release in April, and alongside the final rounds of editing, I’m hard at work writing book 3. Every now and then, for a bit of zany escapism, I’m also dipping into writing book 2 of the Hyperia Jones series, and planning a whole new series to boot (that’s a small, but obscure, clue!)

And then there’s the novel (groan) idea of getting out of the house and physically seeing people face-to-face. It could happen this year! The Elmvale Scifi Fantasy Street Party is set for July 2nd–a great way to celebrate Canada Day weekend. And dates are also in the calendar for Thunder Bay’s Thundercon, which should also be an amazing event.

In the meantime, you can also catch me live on Facebook every Tuesday night, where I’m currently co-hosting the Lurking with Legends videocast with my good friend Richard H. Stephens. Please stop by with your questions and comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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