It’s finally here! Reviewers needed.

Yep, I’m finally into the last stages of getting my story collection out! The words are all written, the cover is designed, the parchment has been soaked in swamp water overnight while the moon was full, and all of the other zillion and one details that go on behind the scenes are almost set to go. And I have a release date too! Mark this in your diaries:

July 28th

I need to organize some advanced reader review people to send copies to ahead of the release and also need to set out the print formatting (yes, it’s going to be available in print too!) but that’s essentially it.

So, if you want to get your eyes on this ahead of the release and are willing to spend a few minutes writing a review  after reading just let me know. I’ll email you an electronic version of the book to you and you’ll be able to leave reviews on Goodreads shortly.

Please note the number of review copies is limited. So it’s first come, first served.

Thanks for your help!

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