It really is election year…

In the last 48 hours I have had email replies to two of the protest campaigns I have signed up for over the last few months.

The first was from Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, on my participation in the campaign against ‘usage based billing’, otherwise known as the ridiculously rich and powerful telecoms companies trying to screw even more obscene profits out of us.

In part Mr. Clement says “It is essential that I hear the views of Canadians on the issues that matter”. A rather startling idea considering how he (and the entire government) completely failed to take into account the views of people on the take over  of both Inco and Falconbridge by foreign companies; essentially selling Canada’s mineral wealth overseas.

The second was from Claude Gravelle, MP for Nickel Belt, or rather his secretary, who asks me to provide my telephone number so that she can get Mr. Gravelle to phone me to “discuss my concerns” on the pointless slaughter of Seals.

Gosh! I never realised just what an important person I am! I mean, I must be if all of these politicians are figuratively knocking at my door, mustn’t I?

Sadly the truth is much more simple… it’s election year and politicians are desperate to sell you any bunch of lies they think they can get away with to get you to vote for them again.

Looking at it less cynically though, it does show that if enough people stand up and make our feelings known, eventually those in power have to start taking note. The key reason why we have seen so many governments fail their people so dramatically in the last few years is because of one simple thing – indifference on the part of the people.

When the population as a whole stops standing up for what it wants, then we become prey to any voice that shouts loudly – and a lot of groups are well skilled in making a lot of noise out of proportion to the actual support they have.

I’ll pass my number on to Mr. Gravelle though! 🙂

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