Sci-fi Imagineering (July 2020)

As a writer, my weapons of choice are, quite naturally, words. But like many authors, I also find inspiration in various places, and one of my favorite sources is cool sci-fi images.

This post kicks off a series featuring images that have resonated with me, for all sorts of reasons. There’s not going to be any real “theme” as such–just things I find around the net, and occasionally designs of my own that I’m proud of. Just for fun, I’ll also throw in a little discussion about why I like the image.

Without further preamble, here’s one of my own creations. This is something I put together based on ideas in my last book Kwelengsen Storm. When I’m working on a story, I’ll often look for reference images that represent the way I imagine certain objects in my world would appear. Of course, writing sci-fi, there aren’t always good images out there that resemble what’s in my head, so sometimes I create them to firm up my ideas. This is one of them.

If you’ve read the book (and if not, go and do so now, I’ll wait! 🙂 ), you’ll know that this vehicle is featured early on in the story. I had a strong idea of what I thought it should look like, which made putting it together easier. The model also came together fairly quickly, using a mix of scratch-built shapes and kit-bashing, and despite the rough-and-ready approach, I think it looks pretty good. In the novel this is a civilian version of a military vehicle, and the primary motorized transportation available to the settlers on the planet of Kwelengsen.

The finished design was modeled in Blender 3D, and has similarities to a number of vehicles created for the classic Thunderbirds and UFO shows, so I must have been subconsciously channeling my inner Gerry Anderson!

The model is also featured in the Logan’s World series book trailer, which will be coming soon!

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