I currently have ideas on tap for about a dozen or so short stories, at least the same amount of novels (in multiple genres) and a whole gaggle of other ideas just buzzing around in the boundary between consciousness and it’s ‘sub’ alter-ego.

Sometimes I can place exactly where the ideas for the various stories come from and other times not. I’ve had several occasions when I have dreamed entire stories and woken with the whole thing laid out in front of me (in a mental not literal sense).

Where do these ideas come from? I really don’t know, but there seems to be a virtually inexhaustible supply. The problem I have is not so much getting the ideas, so much as getting them down and working them into a physical story: actual words-on-paper (or its digital equivalent).

Heaven to me would be 24 hours each and every single day writing and working on writing projects. I’d like not have to sleep too. Sleeping always seems such a waste of time. (I remember watching the X-Files Episode ‘Sleepless’ where one of the characters says in a tortured voice “I haven’t slept for 24 years.” and thinking how good that sounded!).

But if I have to sleep, well, just give me more dream stories 🙂

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