How you can support indie authors on Small Business Saturday (or any other day!)

1) Leave a review
Essays not required. Just a couple of lines on Amazon, Good Reads, or wherever you buy your books, is huge for us, even if it’s just “I loved this!” You’ll make our day, I promise.

2) Share your love on social media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… we don’t mind which. If it’s a picture of you with the book—even better! And don’t forget to tag us, so we can spread your kindness.

3) Personally recommend us
Back in the real world – tell your friends and family about us, your colleagues, your pets (okay—maybe not that one). Word-of-mouth consistently rates as the no. 1 way in which people find books.

4) Chat to your local librarian  
Tell your local library about the great indie authors you’ve discovered. If they don’t already have our books, maybe you can request them. Librarians are now recognising there’s demand for indies and ordering in copies accordingly.

5) Gift an indie book (‘tis the season!)
Know someone who loves reading? Order them an indie book—or even two. Buy online or—even better–order a personalized, signed copy direct from the author. I—and many other authors—can offer this service. Just contact us for shipping charges.

Thanks for supporting indie authors!

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