Getting my writers retreat ready for summer

I’ve posted before about my favorite summer writing spot–a screened-in area on our deck that’s a wonderful sun-trap in the afternoon. Well, this winter it became a casualty.

We had so much snow that it was above the floor of the deck (which is a good 60 centimeters off the ground) and the pressure from the piled up white stuff was so great it pulled the screen out of the channel!

Photo of pulled out screen bead

Obviously, we couldn’t allow that to go unfixed. Not only is it my warm weather writing spot, it’s also where we eat most of our evening meals and partake of the finest of wines too! It’s not an understatement to say that the screen room changed our whole perception of the outdoors in summer–bug- free living is the best.

Fixing the screen would have been an easy task in normal circumstances. But now it’s complicated due to the problems with my foot, entailing a careful climb up the ladder. But I made it up there and took the opportunity to add a few more screws to the trim piece to make it even more tightly sealed.

David up a ladder by the screen room

Considering this was the day after the Barrie comicon, I was pleased that it turned out not to be a huge problem and we’re now back in action and all ready for the good weather (coming soon!?)

David and Hilary behind table of books at Barrie Comicon

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  1. So happy to hear you got your favourite writing (and wine) spot all fixed up!

    Great post!

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