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In a previous post I explained that you don’t need to buy a kindle reader device to enjoy reading kindle books. There are now Kindle reader apps for everything from PCs to tablets and phones that allow you to enjoy kindle books on almost any device going.

But what happens when you want to read something on your tablet or phone that you didn’t buy from the Kindle store? In my case, for example. I sometimes want to check a a preview copy of one of my own books, or there’s just a document that I’d like to have available on my tablet or phone.

There are various ways of doing this “manually,” but they do take some technical knowledge and aren’t the easiest to explain. However those excellent Kindle people have recognized the problem and have come up with a handy little helper to address just this issue.

The solution is a little app helpfully titled “Send To Kindle.” It can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Android and there’s even an Apple version. You can use it to send ebook files, word documents, images, PDF’s and others straight to your Kindle device so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Installation is extremely simple. Once installed simply enter your amazon email and password and that’s it! The software gives you an extra menu item when you click on something in Windows Explorer “Send To Kindle” (it only works for files that are safe to send) . When you select it the file gets sent accordingly with no fuss. There’s even an option to send web content to your kindle reader for later reading at your leisure or when you’re not connected.

A great little addition for people wanting to extend what they can read on the move!

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