Federal court supports climate science

Climate science got a welcome boost today as the U.S. Federal Appeals Court handed down a unanimous decision in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act, which gives them the power to regulate carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gases.

This is good news for anyone who supports the idea of protecting our environment (how anyone can be against that is, quite frankly, baffling) and is one in the eye for the industry and other vested interests that routinely attack any move to increase regulation that might harm their profits.

The reaction is sadly predictable: Dumbocrats and environmentalists are declaring a victory for science while Republicons and “industry groups” are vowing to get the decision reversed. Clearly this fight isn’t over by a long way but this decision will hopefully improve things in the future.

One of the scariest reactions comes from Jay Timmons, president of the National Association of Manufacturers: “The debate to address climate change should take place in the U.S.Congress and… not impose additional burdens on business”.

The display of ignorance in that quote is staggering. So now we should decide what’s true through debate rather than scientific research? This conjures up visions of people voting to repeal the law of gravity… just before stepping off a cliff.

My own personal Doomsday Clock has moved back maybe a second on this news, but no more. How about you?

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