Escaping the Google Spy

Although Google provides some good and useful products, their behavior in the last few years, using their power to spy on everyone and everything they do makes them extremely frightening. Their motto may be “do no evil” but they seem to be missing that by a wide margin from my viewpoint. As a result of this I’ve spent a little time largely de-googling myself. Of course, the big killer app for google is the one that started it all, web searching. So synonymous with searches that we actually talk anout “googling”for things rather than searching.

If like me you’re concerned with privacy and want to get out of the google trap, or maybe you just want to metaphorically poke ’em in the eye with a sharp stick. Here are a couple of alternative search engines.

Both these sites produce excellent search results and I’ve been using duck duck g o as my “go to” search engine for a couple of months now on a daily basis. The big addition here is that, unlike google, they don’t track your searches so you can breath a bit easier.

Of course, the irony here is that google will probably bury this post in their search results so you’ll never find it 😉


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