Do you have star potential?

Are you looking for fame? Want to take a big slice of that Hollywood lifestyle? Looking to see your name in lights?

Okay, this isn’t quite that 🙂 , but maybe it can help a little and also be fun too.

Here’s the deal. I’m putting together a book trailer for my upcoming release, Transformation Protocol: Joe Ballen, Book Three, and need some help with voices for three characters. It’s just a few lines but would help tremendously. And in exchange, winners will get credited on the video (on IMDB, if possible) and also receive a signed copy of the new book, and a $25 gift card!

To enter, share this post on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #JB3CastingCall and send me a short clip (30-90 seconds) of you talking.

Submissions can be sent to me directly on Facebook or Twitter, or email to writing[at] Deadline for submissions is May 31st, 2019.

The characters are all crew on a military spaceship (think Star Trek or similar) and are as follows: captain, helm, and tactical officer. For submission purposes, you can say anything you like, or use part of the script below , and most of all--enjoy yourself! 🙂

You can watch trailers for the previous two books on YouTube here:

Book 1: Mathemetics Of Eternity – Joe Ballen, Book One

Book 2: Perimeter- Joe Ballen, Book Two

Here’s a rough idea of the script for the various parts:

Tactical: T1
Captain: C1
Helm: H1

Shot 1
Shuttle space ship leaving station and heading to space dock, voiceover.
C1: “Captain Begay, personal log. I’m heading to the Sacagawea with the remainder of the senior crew to finalize everything before departure. This will be a long voyage, but one not without points of interest. We need to find habitable worlds out there.”

Shot 2
Interior of bridge. Focus on T1. T1 nodding, working instruments.
T1: “Ordnance is loaded, Captain.”
Focus on C1, gesturing at Helm: “Very well. Helm, take us out.”
Focus on H1: “Yes, Sir. Unlocking moorings. Disengaging stabilizer clamps. Thrusters on-line.”
C1: “Let’s see what’s out there.”

Shot 3
Focus on H1, C1 in background.
H1: “Jump plotted, and locked in, Captain. JumpDrive capacity at 100%.”
C1: “Proceed.”

Shot 4
Focus on T1, C1 in background.
T1: “Sir? There’s something out there.”
C1: “A ship?”
T1: “Possibly two. They’re not showing any transponder IDs.”
C1: “Anything on comms?”
T1: “No, Sir.”
C1: “Who would be all the way out here?”

Shot 5
Focus on T1, C1 in background.
T1: “They’re closing, Captain. Detecting missiles launching.”
C1: “Arm point defense systems. Bring our own missiles on-line.”
T1: “Yes, Sir”
C1: “Helm? Can we Jump?”
H1: “I’m not sure, Sir. Maybe.”
C1: “Get us out of here!”

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