Kwelengsen Dawn release!

It’s been a while coming, but I’m very pleased to announce that Kwelengsen Dawn, Logan’s World Book Two, is released today and should be available through all the major book channels. You may wonder why it’s taken a somewhat long time between book one and two, but as it happens I tend to write things […]

Science on Sunday

I’ve been working hard on editing book two in the Logan’s World series, Kwelengsen Dawn, which will release on June 7th. I’m getting toward the end of this round of editing, and most of the work is the frustrating, nit-picky job of commas, periods, and similar. The downside of this focus is that it means […]

Science on Sunday

This week, I started counting steps as part of my ongoing attempts to recover my fitness after a partial foot amputation several years ago. Needless to say it’s been a long process, but I finally feel able to put my best foot forward (pun intended!) and measure my walking. So far, I’ve managed about 7000 […]

Sparks of imagination

When I was young, probably around the age of thirteen or fourteen (far too many years back to be comfortable to admit!), I had the chance to see 2001; A Space Odyssey for the first time. I’d already read the Arthur C. Clarke novel and read about the making of the movie in various sci-fi […]

Mathematics of eternity secrets revealed!

Several years ago, I released the novel Mathematics of Eternity. The title comes from a theory held by one of the characters regarding how a prototype Jump drive works. The book was a science fiction action thriller, so the details were only alluded to briefly in a couple of places, so as not to drag […]

Happy Birthday, Joe Ballen! Five years old this month.

Joe Ballen was first unleashed on the world in Mathematics of Eternity back in 2017. As you can tell if you look back at my launch post, I was a tiny bit excited 🙂 MOE was intended to be a standalone. But here we are five years later with 3 sequels, plus a spin-off series! […]