BOINCing Crazy!

I was just updating the stats on my website for my participation in the citizen science projects that I’m part of through BOINC.  And noticed I’ve broken the six million cobblestones for the Einstein@home project.

I’ve been part ofEinstein@home since 2005 – over ten years of contributing my spare computing resources to the project. It uses LIGO data to search for evidence of the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity.

This led me to check how I was doing on all the projects that I contribute to (BOINC allows you to use your computer on multiple projects simultaneously). I was amazed to find that I’ve contributed over eight million Cobblestones of computation since starting my involvement. That’s nearly seven quintillion floating-point operations – a number large enough to make your head ache! Here it is in full:

7 000 000 000 000 000

I’ve talked about my involvement in citizen science before. If you’re interested in joining and making use of your computer’s spare cycles to help science,  check out the BOINC website.

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